I had a simple dream. To create things that would outlive me.

In the process, I discovered photography. It made me travel; taking me to exotic places around the world, but most importantly it helped me connect with my inner self.

Along the journey I realized that everything looked beautiful in parts, in frames. Every place and face had its own character and a unique story to tell. I learnt that no one in this world is ugly. Some faces are beautiful and some even more beautiful. When I shoot people and look into their eyes, it’s as if I’m looking into their souls. I know exactly how they feel in that moment of a click. The bond is inexplicable and the expedition exciting.

Today, I don’t limit myself to a particular genre or field in photography. The range includes advertising; fashion; editorials; covering hotels, resorts, celebrities etc. I love working on social campaigns, coffee table books, calendars and have closely been associated with the brand of Fashion TV.

What you would find in the galleries on this website is very diverse. If you were to ask me my personal favorites then you must check out the two galleries labeled as “Musings” and “Portraits”.

This portal is very nascent and is in first phase of construction. In a couple of months I would be adding “Surreal Art”, “Streets” , “ Life is Beautiful”, and a whole lot of images from my Nature/ Wild life collection to the galleries. I’d also start with selling stock images and Newsletters.

Do keep visiting as there would be much more to come. Also feel free to register once the registrations open, for regular updates.

Hope you enjoy the photographs as much I enjoyed clicking them.

If I were to put it in one line-everything that i see is a picture for me...and the world is my studio !

Thanks for dropping by.

pravin talan